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LAM Arrives at the 2013 ASLA Expo in Boston.

LAM Arrives at the 2013 ASLA Expo in Boston.

The ASLA Annual Meeting & EXPO begins in Boston this Friday, and LAM will be there! Look for Editor-in-Chief Brad McKee and Writer/Editor Jennifer Reut, who will be hosting Meet the Editor sessions on the EXPO floor on Saturday and Sunday. Meeting attendees who’ve signed up for time slots can talk with them about article ideas or projects that might be of interest to our readers.

McKee will present this year’s Landscape Architecture Magazine Advertising Awards, also known as the Lammys, on Friday evening. Organized by LAM’s publisher, Ann Looper, Honorary ASLA, the awards recognize excellence in graphics, messages, and persuasiveness among the magazine’s advertisers. A jury made up of ASLA members from various practice and geographic areas represents the readership and chooses the winners, giving feedback on what kinds of ads catch the attention of landscape architects.

Among their many activities at EXPO, Reut and McKee will be attending meetings, stepping into Education and Learning Lab sessions, and, fresh off our November issue that focused on climate change, McKee will moderate the ASLA Open Forum on Climate Change at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday. You can also follow Reut on Twitter during the EXPO @JenniferEditor.

I will be on the EXPO floor on Saturday to tour the booths and look for products to include in future Goods columns. In 2014 we’ll have columns on new plant varieties, furniture for residential and public spaces, water and irrigation, fences, play equipment, and more. If you’re going to be at EXPO, keep an eye out for the LAM staff and introduce yourself.

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photoThe Philadelphia Convention Center is packed with people attending Lightfair 2013, checking out what’s new in lighting. LEDs blaze coolly on every aisle, and crowds pack the booths. Fulham Lighting Solutions (Booth #2701) is catching attention with its artful trees composed of light fixtures (the artist Chris Bell created the example pictured at left). The company Xeralux has renamed itself Sensity and is debuting its new NetSense platform, which uses sensors and a WiFi network within light products to collect and transmit data. In a parking lot, for example, NetSense can detect empty spaces and direct drivers to them. It can also incorporate security cameras to monitor the space without having a separate system. If you’re in Philly, check it out at Booth #3869. The Expo is open until 6:00 p.m. today and from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow.

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Landscape Structures’ booth at the ASLA EXPO in Phoenix

A jungle in the middle of the desert is surprising enough, but it’s even more startling when it’s in the middle of the Phoenix Convention Center. Landscape Structures wowed the crowd at the ASLA EXPO today with its plant-themed play structure, complete with climbing elements and slides.

The ASLA EXPO is the only show where every one of the exhibitors is relevant to landscape architects, and the attendees of the 2012 Annual Meeting are making the most of the opportunity to check out products they can use in their work. If you’re at the meeting, don’t miss the chance to see what’s here. And if you can’t make it, keep an eye on LAM’s Goods column to see some of what you missed.

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Courtesy Binome

If there’s a trend I’m seeing at Maison et Objet, it’s the combination of fiberglass or technical plastic with wood, an eye-catching fusion. One of the companies with the most creative designs in this style is Binome. Their Osselet chair, pictured at left, is sturdy and durable, and will appeal to clients who want something other than the traditional Adirondack chair.

This is the last day of the show, so if you’re in Paris, make sure to take one last look!

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If landscape architects are absent from their office this week, it may be Paris’s fault for hosting the Maison et Objet show, part of Paris Design Week. Sifas (pictured left), Royal Botania, EGO Paris, Emu, Exteta, Fermob, and others are luring designers to check out their latest takes on chairs and lounges that make the outdoors even more comfortable than the indoors. The show continues today and tomorrow, and LAM is there scouting out great furniture for future Goods columns.

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Courtesy Carl Stahl

Yesterday, amid the crowds at LIGHTFAIR International 2012 in Las Vegas, I tried to take a photo of X-LED Mesh. I was not successful. Every time I tried, fascinated passersby walked right up to examine and touch the dancing light display. The photo on the left is from their brochure, but still photos can’t capture the effect of the lights in motion. If you’re in town, check it out today, along with the 500-plus other exhibitors featuring every kind of lighting you’ve heard of and some you probably haven’t.

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Brumlebyen/Courtesy Monstrum

As kids head outdoors to enjoy the spring weather, it’s a good time to get some design inspiration from some inventive play spaces from around the world. Emily Temple at Flavorwire found 15 examples of stunning playgrounds by the likes of Isamu Noguchi, Monstrum, and BASE. The colorful, creative play spaces are worth checking out. And if you have a playground on the boards, check out LAM’s Goods column in June, where we round up play equipment that will keep kids entranced with their local playground.

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