Knock it Off

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In light of #MeToo and Time’s Up, design firms seek to bolster their anti-harassment policies and programs. Are these the right tools for the job?

By Brian Barth

The design industry’s #MeToo moment arrived in March, when the New York Times published allegations of sexual misconduct against the architect Richard Meier. Continue reading Knock it Off

Selections from the 2018 Student Awards

Exemplary entries are signs of their time.

By Zach Mortice

“Stop Making Sense” resists applying easily explicable narratives to the open question of nuclear waste storage. Image courtesy Andrew Prindle, Student ASLA, and Kasia Keeley, Student Affiliate ASLA.

The winning entries of the 2018 ASLA Student Awards offer solutions for extreme sites and surreal conditions, completely appropriate to the times in which they were crafted. Here is a selection of six award-winning student projects that greet such days with humanity, nuance, and rigor. Continue reading Selections from the 2018 Student Awards

Dreams and Regrets

Shopping Town: Designing the City in Suburban America

Reviewed by Kelly Comras, FASLA

An architectural model of Gruen’s Northland Center. The mall, built in Southfield, Michigan, opened in 1954. Image courtesy Gruen Associates.

Victor D. Gruen (1903–1980) was one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, a powerful visionary who combined social criticism, persuasive charm, ambition, and talent. Continue reading Dreams and Regrets