April LAM: Designing Policy

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In the Tank (Water)
Amid the wetlands and steel plants of Chicago’s Big Marsh Park, a new water recycling system at the Ford Calumet Environmental Center renews the region’s ecological potential.

       Tavern on the Scene (Preservation)
The historic Dunham Tavern in Midtown Cleveland was a destination of interest to all but its neighbors. Merritt Chase and LAND Studio folded the community and some missing pieces of the region’s story into a new master plan for the landscape.


In Their Elements
Farm, family, and the fundamentals of drawing, topped with a dash of social media, might seem like an uncommon recipe for a nationally recognized landscape architecture firm. But at Stimson, that’s just how they’ve always done it.

The Year of the Superstudio
With its clarion call for green jobs, environmental justice, and national decarbonization, the Green New Deal reads like a set of prompts for a landscape architecture studio, so why not make it one? Inside the yearlong experiment in grounding policy in real-life regional problems.

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Credits: “In Their Elements,” Ngoc Doan; “The Year of the Superstudio,” Yuehui Gong, courtesy LAF; “Tavern on the Scene,” Merritt Chase; “In the Tank,” Tom Harris.

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