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January 2023: Al Fay Park

ON THE COVER: Al Fay Park in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, by SLA. Photo by SLA/Phillip Handforth.

"Play It Cool" Magazine Spread

Featured Story: “Play It Cool,” by Jessica Bridger. A desert forest is a surprising sight in the booming heart of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. For the popular Al Fay Park, Copenhagen-based SLA used local materials and resilient native plants in unexpected ways, creating engaging settings for play and rest.

Also in this issue:

▪ NOW: Civitas brings a secluded park in Idaho into view; the Albert Kahn-designed Ford House gets an exceptional update to its Jens Jensen landscape (online here); a controversial native plant ordinance in Palm Beach, Florida, raises hackles; a garden enables a Black community’s return to Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood (view here); and a living shoreline at a Virginia resort restores habitat and access. 

PLANNING: Game Changer, by Lisa Owens Viani. Shorter, wilder courses and ample room for habitat are just some of the transformations coming to golf.

▪GOODS: “Safe Bets,” by Laurie A. Shuster. Artful ways to defend people and places.

“Here in Spirit,” by Regina M. Flanagan, ASLA. Indigenous art, technology, and performance expand the boundaries of land art in the Midwest.

BOOK REVIEW: “The Mass-Produced Forest,” by Jennifer Wolch. A review of Plant Life: The Entangled Politics of Afforestation, by Rosetta S. Elkin.

BACKSTORY: Spiegel Aihara Workshop designs cascading social gardens in Silicon Valley.

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