The June 2023 Issue: Speak Out

ON THE COVER: We Are Here: Visible Histories & Proud Futures, by Max Dickson. Image courtesy Max Dickson/OLIN.

Push And Pull – a look into Landscape Architecture Magazine
Image courtesy Max Dickson/OLIN.

FEATURED STORY: “Push & Pull,” by Bradford McKee.

Nine queer landscape designers convened virtually to address the place they’ve made in the field, while darker clouds loom in the form of hate crimes and restrictive legislation. Hopeful and determined to thrive, these designers pledge to create community and safe and celebratory public spaces for all.

Also in the issue:

NOW: A former plantation becomes a Black Commons (online June 22); wildfire restorations put pressure on seed supplies; a creek in the Bronx will see daylight again; retooling the landscape history curriculum (online June 29), and for the first time, a landscape architecture program in Hawai‘i is accredited.

DETAILS: “Step Down, Splash Down,” by Zach Mortice. A steel deck, a complex drainage system, and 90,000 cubic feet of geofoam underpin a zigzagging connection to Chicago’s Lakeshore East by Claude Cormier + Associés and Confluence (online June 15).

GOODS: “Let It Glow,” by Kristen Mastroianni. New standards to brighten up the corners.

THE BACK: “Stewarding Change in a Time of Fire,” by Emily Schlickman and Brett Milligan. An excerpt from the forthcoming Design by Fire: Resistance, Co-Creation and Retreat in the Pyrocene argues it is time to stop seeing wildfires as antagonists. After decades of putting this natural resource under dangerous pressure, humans have an obligation to develop a more creative approach.

BOOK REVIEW: “Climate Crises Pedagogies,” by Sara Jensen Carr, ASLA. A review of Designing Landscape Architectural Education: Studio Ecologies for Unpredictable Futures, edited by Rosalea Monacella and Bridget Keane.

BACKSTORY: A student’s #CurrentProject takes the top spot for #WLAM2023 (online now).

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