How do I suggest a story for Landscape Architecture Magazine?

Please see the How to Contribute to LAM page for more information about what kind of stories we’re seeking and how to pitch them.

Do you accept sponsored posts or collaborations?

No, we do not publish any kind of sponsored content. Advertising inquiries should go directly to the sales team.

How can I improve my chances of getting my project covered in Landscape Architecture Magazine?

Article proposals should be about projects in which landscape architects were involved, or about subjects of interest to landscape architects. The best way to assess what stories we will be interested in is to read a few issues of the magazine closely. This site and the free digital issues available through Zinio are a good place to start. Please see the How to Contribute to LAM page for more information about what kind of stories we’re seeking and how to pitch them.

I’d like to write for LAM. Where do I start?

We are always seeking new writers. Read the How to Contribute to LAM page, and a few free digital copies of the magazine to get familiar with our audience. Develop a story pitch or two and send it to LAM@asla.org.

I have a new product I’d like you to do a story on. Who should I contact?

New products can be submitted to the Goods column editor at LAMGoods@asla.org.

Whom do I need to contact to get an editorial calendar?

If you would like to advertise, you can view the online media kit and editorial calendar.

If you’re interested in submitting article ideas, no editorial calendar is necessary—as mentioned above, we’re interested in seeing story proposals on all subjects anytime.

I saw an article in LAM on a topic that interested me, but I’m not sure what issue it was in. How can I find it?

For more information about finding specific Landscape Architecture Magazine articles from 1911 onward, please contact the ASLA Library, 202-216-2320 or aslalibrary@asla.org.

My organization would like to use a photo/image we saw in LAM. Can you give me permission to do that?

No, we only have one-time rights to all images we use. You’ll need to contact the photographer or artist directly. Photo/image credits appear on the same page or on the initial page of the article.

I want to make multiple copies of an article and distribute them. Whom do I contact for permission?

Visit the LAM Zinio page to purchase single copies or a subscription for instant reprints.

How do I get my book reviewed in LAM?

Book review correspondence should be sent to Books Editor Mimi Zeiger at LAM@asla.org. Please include “Books” in the subject line. We cannot guarantee that we will review your book, but we will consider it. Hard copies of books should be mailed to the Center for Landscape Architecture at 636 Eye St. NW, Washington, DC 20001. Books sent in for consideration for review will not be returned.

Who should get press releases for Landscape Architecture Magazine?

Email press releases on editorial topics to .

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