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Overlapped in Energy City

How Houston might meet its net-zero future.

By Jennifer Reut

Energy City Framework
Chen used parametric tools to study how new forms of energy production (wind, solar, biomass) can be overlapped with other land uses in urban areas. Images courtesy of Chen Chen.

The Overlapped City was architect Chen Chen’s second ASLA Student Honor award winner, and because of this, it offers a chance to see how ideas and frameworks can grow and mature over the course of graduate education.

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The View from the Crowds

A UC Berkeley scholar uses Flickr to study what the public considers scenic.

By Lydia W. LeeLAM-Jan2013-Interview-HalfDome

Even though Alexander Dunkel, Student ASLA, has never visited the High Line in New York City, he can tell you exactly what part of the park is the most popular: the 10th Avenue Square. How? He spent a year analyzing Flickr, the popular image web site, and seeing where people take the most photos. Continue reading The View from the Crowds