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How to Fix Farming

Anna Claussen on how landscape architects’ gift for systems thinking can untangle our farm and land use policies.

By Adam Regn Arvidson, FASLA

Anna Claussen
Anna Claussen. Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Two years ago, Anna Claussen, ASLA, left a Minneapolis urban design firm for the nonprofit world. She talked over lunch with Adam Regn Arvidson, FASLA, about her own rural roots and that a family that still farms made her want to take some responsibility for how food is grown and distributed. Continue reading How to Fix Farming

The Fearless Grady Clay

Interview_GCLAY_100813_la_454- no sig

Few journalists have had a greater impact on the field of landscape architecture than Grady Clay, Honorary ASLA, who died on Sunday at the age of 96. He was the editor of this magazine for nearly a quarter century—from 1960 to 1984. He chaired the commission that selected Maya Lin’s solemn design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, was intimately involved with one of the first ecological planning studies in the United States, and apparently coined the term “New Urbanist.” Continue reading The Fearless Grady Clay

Grady Clay, the Agitator

Former longtime editor Grady Clay, Honorary ASLA, looks back at a life spent with the landscape.

By Charles A. Birnbaum, FASLA

Photo by Kenneth Hayden.

We were sad to receive word of the death Sunday of Grady Clay, Honorary ASLA, LAM’s longtime, influential, and much-loved editor, at the age of 96 in Louisville. More remembrance and details on observances will follow as we receive them. For now, we are posting a terrific interview that Charles Birnbaum, FASLA, did with Grady for the magazine’s 100th anniversary issue. Continue reading Grady Clay, the Agitator

The Utterly Meaningless Agenda 21

In sustainability programs and smart growth, some people see a United Nations plot to take over your community. 

By Linda McIntyre

The commissioners of Baldwin County, Alabama, are set to decide this month whether to file the comprehensive county plan the commission adopted in July 2009—a plan that cost $280,000—in the garbage can. Continue reading The Utterly Meaningless Agenda 21