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18 Land Matters


22 Now
Washington, D.C.’s Kennedy Center uses landscape to cast a wider net; resilient riverfronts arrive in heartland Kansas; an about-face on bay fill in San Francisco; and more.
Edited by Timothy A. Schuler

40 Preservation
Theater Revival
Updating Robert Royston’s beloved Quarry Amphitheater in Santa Cruz, California, meant adding a few modern conveniences the landscape architect never imagined.
By Lydia Lee

54 Goods
From the Ground Up
Outdoor surfaces with depth.
By Emily Cox


62 Head for the Hill
Ski slope design has grown from early beginnings in cozy alpine towns to the main attraction of new megadevelopments in China, thanks in part to the mountain resort planners of Ecosign.
By Jessica Bridger

80 No Plan Is an Island
When Barbara Wilks, FASLA, and Mark Johnson, FASLA, and their respective firms teamed up to redesign a care-worn island in the heart of Calgary, they let the Bow River make the big moves.
By Brian Barth


102 There is Nowhere Else to Go
Landslide, the Cultural Landscape Foundation’s annual campaign to raise awareness about endangered landscapes, this year focuses on Living in Nature.
By Jonathan B. Jarvis, Honorary ASLA, and The Cultural Landscape Foundation

110 Books
Fill in the Blanks
A review of From Fallow: 100 Ideas for Abandoned Urban Landscapes by Jill Desimini.
By Gale Fulton, ASLA

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136 Backstory
Canopy Companions
Eighteen trees stay standing amid a muscular wood shelter in Beijing.
By Bradford McKee

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