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10 Land Matters


14 Now
East Coast firms are heading west; Monument Lab lands a grant for a national accounting; Superjacent bolsters an unpromising site for supportive housing; grants help cities seek equity through pandemic recovery; and more.
Edited by Timothy A. Schuler

36 Maintenance
A Resilient Renewal
After Hurricane Sandy upended a planned redesign, Joanna Pertz Landscape Architecture committed to the upkeep of a flood-control landscape at NYU’s Langone Medical Center.
By Alex Ulam

48 House Call
Ahead of the Curve
An artful take on an underused suburban yard by Jennifer Horn Landscape Architecture turns around a few key elements.
By Kim O’Connell

58 Goods
Hot Stuff
New fire features that bring the heat.
By Emily Cox


66 Reveal the River
Though 100 protected miles of the Chattahoochee River flow through the Atlanta metro area, a lack of access and a long history of segregation have kept locals away and distrustful. SCAPE lays out a path, or three, forward.
By Jonathan Lerner

82 Mixed Media
Landscape architects have been slow to adopt social media, but with the pandemic closing off traditional marketing, social platforms are giving rise to new forms of connection and collaboration.
By Timothy A. Schuler


98 The Road from Inhotim
Tucked away in Brazil’s Minas Gerais, a forward-looking art center and botanical garden is caught in a balancing act with the mining industry that both threatens and sustains nearby communities.
By Amanda Silvana Coen, ASLA

110 Books
Writing Race In
A review of Race and Modern Architecture: A Critical History from the Enlightenment to the Present, edited by Irene Cheng, Charles I. Davis II, and Mabel O. Wilson.
By Thaïsa Way, FASLA

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136 Backstory
Weaving Place
Atlas Lab harnesses a tradition of basket weaving to connect the landscape of Mariposa County, California, to the Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation.
By Katharine Logan

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