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10 Land Matters

12 Letters


16 Now
Site Design Group shows up for Black businesses in Chicago; new research offers bird-friendly wind blades; funding landscape architecture’s underrepresented students; trees take a meeting; and more.
Edited by Timothy A. Schuler

36 Planning
Pained Plaza
Three public spaces from midcentury  Philadelphia have been earmarked for reinvention. Two have succeeded, but one, a space for public expression, remains in limbo.
By Jared Brey

46 Goods
Shelter and Shade
Protection from the elements for more time outdoors.
By Emily Cox


54 Black Landscapes Matter
In the introduction to his new book (edited with Grace Mitchell Tada), the 2019 MacArthur Fellow and founder of Hood Design Studio in Oakland, California, argues for the power and visibility of landscapes designed and shaped by Black people.
By Walter Hood

66 The Dark Side of Light
Sensitive lighting design is one of the hidden assets of thriving public places, but designers worry that their work is increasingly being used to watch rather than illuminate.
By Timothy A. Schuler


80 Recovering, Again
A new book of photographs depicting projects from the 2009 Recovery Act prompts questions about monumental infrastructure investments past and present.
By Mimi Zeiger

94 Books
Ardent Arguments
A review of Landscape Architecture Criticism by Jacky Bowring.
By Elissa Rosenberg

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216 Backstory
A student-led landscape architecture docuseries follows an advocate for the Los Angeles River.
By Patrick Sisson

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LAM 2021 Product Directory
More than 90 pages of product information for specifiers about
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