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10 Land Matters


14 Now
A pilot project restores 1,200 acres of wetlands at the San Francisco Bay’s Dutch Slough tidal marsh; Studio-MLA’s plan to enliven the neglected Santa Ana River; Culdesac Tempe selects Floor Associates to design a neighborhood free of cars; students design a Baltimore park with a gold heart; and more.
Edited by Timothy A. Schuler

34 Tech
“I” Is for Information
Focus on the building and the model can overlook the many new approaches landscape architects are taking to embedding detailed site information in BIM projects.
By Aidan Ackerman, ASLA

46 Goods
Get Smart
Seamless integrations of technology and design at your service.
By Emily Davidson


52 Prairie Primetime
When Mundus Bishop was selected to modernize public access at the Plains Conservation Center, a reserve of remnant Colorado short-grass prairie, the pandemic was still two years out. Social distancing has made the center a destination for nearby Aurora residents, so the design team kept the focus on the delicate balance between the people and the prairie.
By Haniya Rae

72 Roll, Tide
A decade after the Deepwater Horizon explosion killed 11 workers and dumped 134 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf Coast’s fragile economy and environment have reemerged, thanks to billions of dollars in payouts and federal support. A rebuilt lodge at the region’s leading attraction, Gulf State Park, undergirded by a Sasaki master plan, has come to represent all that money can and cannot put back.
By Jared Brey


 92 One Giant Leap
Parallel narratives of space exploration and protecting life on Earth have surprisingly similar roots: survival.
By Ignacio F. Bunster-Ossa, FASLA

102 Books
Lessons from Medellín
A review of Social Urbanism: Reframing Spatial Design—Discourses from Latin America by María Bellalta.
By Gabriel Díaz Montemayor, ASLA

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132 Backstory
Georgina Reid’s Wonderground journal makes a place for untold landscape stories.
By Leah Ghazarian



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