One Mans is an Island

Not all the neighbors love Barry Diller’s Hudson River fantasy.

By Alex Ulam

Credit: Pier55, Inc./Heatherwick Studio
Some argue the funding for the Hudson River Park could be put to better use elsewhere in the city.

Barry Diller is a billionaire who has committed to underwriting the lion’s share of a $130 million plan for the construction of Pier 55, a 2.7-acre island of undulating parkland and performance venues that would rest atop mushroom-shaped pilings in New York City’s Hudson River Park. Continue reading One Mans is an Island

Growing Pains

The Museum of Modern Art wonders whether unsanctioned, light-footprint design gestures can humanize the world’s megacities.

By Jonathan Lerner 

A megacity twofer: In Hong Kong, an informal oyster-farming settlement is next to a “new town” that has a reputation for family tragedies, attributed to its remote location, few jobs, and high density.

In exploding cities around the world, ever-increasing populations of the poor find themselves occupying dense makeshift settlements, or dangerously subdivided apartments, or massive, isolating housing estates. Continue reading Growing Pains

The Halprins in Motion

Design as a sensory experience.

By Zach Mortice

“Driftwood Village—Community,” Sea Ranch, California. Experiments in Environment Workshop, July 6, 1968.

Put away your tracing paper and charcoal pencils. Shut your books. Stop thinking. Put on a blindfold and go for a walk in the woods. Make a structure out of yourselves, human bodies. Catalog everything that you see, hear, feel, and smell. Build a city out of beachside driftwood in complete silence. Take off your clothes. Now start thinking about design. Continue reading The Halprins in Motion

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