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Bona Fide BIM

BIM’s rise in design has brought about new legal considerations for designers.

By Aidan Ackerman, ASLA 

Vectorworks model with paving pattern developed using a custom Marionette script. Image courtesy Robert Anderson, ASLA.

With the increasing adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in landscape architecture, questions have begun to arise around issues of ownership, liability, and accountability that are not easily answered by current professional standards and contracts. Continue reading Bona Fide BIM

The BIM That Binds

The collaborative power of information-driven modeling software.

By Aidan Ackerman, ASLA 

3-D view example. The power of BIM in coordinating design and construction information is most evident when developing multiple views and annotations from a single model. Image by Sasaki.

It’s a familiar scene in landscape architecture offices of all sizes: Around a conference table, a debate arises about the benefits and drawbacks of adopting a Building Information Modeling (BIM) work flow. Continue reading The BIM That Binds