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Shop Shape

Some say the retail street is down for the count—five landscape architecture firms say not so fast.

By Elizabeth Kennedy Landscape Architect, PLLC; Mantle Landscape Architecture; MNLA; RDG Planning and Design; and SWA Houston

Retail is the heart of American life. Dating back to the earliest U.S. towns and cities, commercial storefronts have been more than a place to purchase goods. Continue reading Shop Shape

The Twin Pandemics

This article is also available in Spanish. 

Black people and Black communities bear the outsized impacts of public violence and, now, the deadly coronavirus. Six Black landscape architects and an architect parse the spatial factors that underlie each crisis—often both crises—and the kinds of actions and reforms they hope to see.

A conversation with  Diane Jones Allen, FASLA; M. Austin Allen III, ASLA; Charles Cross; June Grant; Elizabeth Kennedy, ASLA; Jescelle R. Major, ASLA; and Douglas A. Williams, ASLA.

The idea for the following discussion, which took place the afternoon of June 22, 2020, via videoconference, first arose in late April as it became clear that the pandemic brought on by the novel coronavirus COVID-19 was doing disproportionate damage in Black communities in the United States: three times the number of infections as white people, and nearly twice the likelihood of death. Continue reading The Twin Pandemics