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Stewarding Change in a Time of Fire


By Emily Schlickman and Brett Milligan

Photo by Derek Young.
Photo by Derek Young.

Fire is both ruly and unruly. It conforms to physical principles, yet it’s also incredibly dynamic and unpredictable. Across the world we are witnessing changes in what wildfire is, due to past and current human actions, and in tandem, fire risks are increasing and expanding. In the western United States, so are wildfire severity and frequency.  Continue reading Stewarding Change in a Time of Fire

Green Machine

A native plant nursery roves the streets of Northern California.

By Emily Schlickman


On a sunny September morning, a black box truck rolled into a suburban California neighborhood playing a catchy jingle of insect sounds. The truck stopped and, within minutes, transformed into a verdant plant nursery: The rear door rolled up and its sides folded out, revealing a pop-up shop bursting with native ferns and forbs, saplings and starts. Continue reading Green Machine