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Roll, Tide

Gulf State Park in Alabama is one of the largest public projects to be funded through the Deepwater Horizon settlement. Many more are coming.

By Jared Brey

The Lodge at Gulf State Park was rebuilt as a sustainable tourism destination after a previous lodge, a popular vacation spot, was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Photo by Volkert, Inc., and Forrest Funk Drone Photography.

The Lodge at Gulf State Park is built directly into the dunes, so when you walk from the parking lot into the spacious lobby, you’re looking straight through the glass back wall of the hotel, across a stretch of white-sand beach, and out into the seemingly endless Gulf of Mexico. Continue reading Roll, Tide

Swings and Swales

Pashek + MTR works with two public agencies to design a heavy-hitting stormwater park in Pittsburgh.

By Jared Brey

The park features a stone cascade that directs rushing water to a rain garden in the central basin. Photo by Pashek + MTR.

One bright-blue Friday afternoon in October, I was paused at a stoplight in Squirrel Hill, a residential neighborhood about five miles from downtown Pittsburgh, when I saw a young woman with a red backpack try to summit a steep slope on her bicycle. Continue reading Swings and Swales

Pained Plaza

As the pandemic slows projects, Philadelphia has a chance to rethink a difficult public space.

By Jared Brey

The plaza forms the podium of the Municipal Services Building and hosts public art such as Jacques Lipchitz’s Government of the People, installed in 1976. Photo by Sahar Coston-Hardy, Affiliate ASLA.

Most of Philadelphia was still asleep when city workers pulled the nine-foot-high statue of Frank Rizzo off the concrete steps of the Municipal Services Building across from City Hall, loaded it into a truck, and carted it off to an undisclosed storage locker. Continue reading Pained Plaza

A Spring of Surprises

Contractors, suppliers, and growers ply the busy season amid the pandemic.

By Jared Brey

Unable to perform some site visits, landscape architects are relying on updates from contractors. Image courtesy OLIN.

For Joseph Marando, the shutdown notice came at just the wrong moment. It was early spring, and Marando, of Frank Marando Landscape Inc., in Queens, New York, was contracted for a planting job in a New York City park. Continue reading A Spring of Surprises