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Teaching and Learning Online, By Force

How do you teach a design studio over Zoom?

By Jared Brey

Robert Hewitt, FASLA, at Clemson University leads students and colleagues through a studio project where they designed a satellite city outside Wuhan, China, where the coronavirus outbreak began. Image courtesy Robert Hewitt, FASLA.

Even before the latest round of social distancing efforts and shelter-in-place orders began to shut down American communities, colleges and universities were making plans to finish their semesters online. And for some courses, the transition is trickier than for others. Continue reading Teaching and Learning Online, By Force

No Us and Them

As part of an ongoing effort to make content more accessible, LAM will be making select stories available to readers in Spanish. For a full list of translated articles, please click here.

At Andropogon, humans and nature are inseparable.

By Jared Brey / Photography by Sahar Coston-Hardy, Affiliate ASLA

Darren Damone, ASLA, and Katharine Griffiths were standing on a boardwalk at Avalon Park & Preserve, in Stony Brook, New York, looking across the pond at a gang of cormorants loitering in the branches of a beech tree. Continue reading No Us and Them

One Fish, More Fish

Why a Maryland landscape architect restores brook trout habitat in his free time.

By Jared Brey

Scott Scarfone, ASLA, a landscape architect at Kimley-Horn, coordinates a trout conservation partnership in the Upper Gunpowder Falls Watershed. Photo by Scott Scarfone, ASLA.

The underbelly of an eastern brook trout, especially when it is spawning, is orange and pink like a sunrise, and its back is dappled brown and green like a forest floor. Continue reading One Fish, More Fish

Twice Bitten

After two rare storms inundate Ellicott City, Maryland, the town tries to sort through what can be saved.

By Jared Brey

The Hudson Bend portion of the plan was meant to provide development opportunities as well as flood mitigation and new public space. Image courtesy Mahan Rykiel.

The Tiber-Hudson watershed, in Howard County, Maryland, drains three-and-a-half square miles of mostly developed land in and around Ellicott City, a historic mill town founded in 1772 on the banks of the Patapsco River. Continue reading Twice Bitten