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Martha Schwartz, Reconnecting

Back from a dozen years in London, the designer is focusing on climate and the world she has made her home.

By James Trulove

 Photo by Sahar Coston-Hardy.

Martha Schwartz, FASLA, and her business partner and husband, Markus Jatsch, last year relocated from London to Brooklyn, though the London office remains the headquarters of their firm, Martha Schwartz Partners. Continue reading Martha Schwartz, Reconnecting

Control of the Canopy

Landscape Architects of Bangkok has reforested a speck of the Thai capital. The cobras seem to approve.

By James Trulove / Photography by Rungkit Charoenwat

A view of the skywalk as seen from the top of the tower. Photo by Rungkit Charoenwat.

It would not be a stretch to think of this reforestation project as a “vest-pocket” park, much in the tradition of the work of the noted landscape architect Robert Zion in New York City. Continue reading Control of the Canopy