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Better Edges for Eels

On a living shoreline in Ontario, Canada, Seferian Design Group balances designing for erosion and endangered species.

By Timothy A. Schuler

The hybrid shoreline mitigates erosion while also enhancing terrestrial and aquatic habitat. Image courtesy Seferian Design Group.

On the northern shore of Lake Ontario, 25 miles outside Toronto, a quarter mile of once-eroding lakefront is a case study in resilient design for the Great Lakes. Continue reading Better Edges for Eels

One Stitch in Time

A new pedestrian path is a small act of repair for Tulsa’s Black Wall Street.

By Timothy A. Schuler

The embankment was replaced with this retaining wall, which made room for a walkway of brick pavers. Image courtesy Howell & Vancuren.

Tucked inside President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan is $20 billion earmarked for communities torn apart by freeway construction and urban renewal. According to the Biden administration, the federal funds will be used to help reconnect these typically minority, often Black, communities and address decades of disinvestment and environmental racism. Continue reading One Stitch in Time

Alternate Ending

After decades of being off-limits to the public, Los Angeles’s Silver Lake Reservoir could return to the people.

By Timothy A. Schuler

Residents take a rare stroll inside the fence at the decommissioned reservoir as a part of a master planning workshop led by Hargreaves Jones. Photo courtesy Hargreaves Jones.

Among the popular myths about Los Angeles is that prior to European settlement the city was a desert. Continue reading Alternate Ending

Extra Space, Extramural

A projector and some creative programming make a way for landscape architecture students to connect safely.

By Timothy A. Schuler 

Roberto Rovira, ASLA, mapped the surfaces of FIU’s School of Architecture building to identify spaces that could accommodate projection and physical distancing. Image courtesy Roberto Rovira, ASLA.

More than a year into remote learning, Zoom has proven itself to be an adequate stopgap for basic instruction in university classrooms. Continue reading Extra Space, Extramural

A Memorial for the Moment

National echoes underscore the power of a memorial to the victims of a mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona.

By Timothy A. Schuler 

Tapered landforms create a pair of sheltered spaces for reflection within the larger plaza. Photo by Tina Chee, ASLA.

Since at least the 1870s, Tucson’s El Presidio Plaza, located between the Pima County Superior Court and Tucson City Hall, has been a place of gathering, commemoration, and civic participation. Continue reading A Memorial for the Moment

Toward Reclamation

This article is also available in Spanish

The Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta,  where five major waterways converge, steps forward thanks to a new National Heritage Area designation.

By Timothy A. Schuler 

On August 29, 2005, the world saw what happened when a levee failed. A Category 3 hurricane slammed the Gulf Coast, 169 linear miles of federally constructed levees collapsed, and nearly 80 percent of New Orleans flooded, killing almost 1,000 people, the majority of them African American and over the age of 65. Continue reading Toward Reclamation