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Keeping Up Jones

An iconic Robert Moses-designed park on Long Island gets a resilient rethinking.

By Jane Margolies

I’m standing on the boardwalk at Jones Beach State Park in Wantagh, New York, with Faye Harwell, FASLA, a codirector of Rhodeside & Harwell.  Our backs to the Atlantic, we look out over a flat expanse that used to be covered by shuffleboard, ping-pong, and tennis courts. Now it’s a mountain of broken-up concrete. Continue reading Keeping Up Jones


A recent design competition promised novel ideas for vacant land in New Orleans. It ended with some very unhappy participants.

By Timothy A. Schuler 

Despite the lack of implementation, Future Ground has informed the city’s approach to vacant land, including the creation of a Strategic Acquisition Program. Image courtesy New Orleans Redevelopment Authority.

On Friday, March 6, 2015, the city of New Orleans posted more than 1,700 properties online and began auctioning them off. Most were vacant lots. The city was hoping to attract investors who could put these properties back into circulation, so to speak, in part to raise tax revenue and also to continue chipping away at the scourge of blight that had afflicted New Orleans since well before Hurricane Katrina. Continue reading Grounded

East Harlem Holds Its Own

A broad coalition of community organizations and officials takes a preemptive stand against gentrification.

By Timothy A. Schuler 

Data can be deceiving, or at the very least hard to parse. But for the residents of East Harlem, the numbers spoke loudly. On average, the community was losing nearly 300 affordable housing units per year, based on eight years of data collected by WXY Architecture + Urban Design. Continue reading East Harlem Holds Its Own