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Sudden Impact

Three firms discuss how their internship programs benefit both interns and staff.

By Wendy Gilmartin

Tina Chee (left) and Marc Salette (right) at the Tina Chee Landscape Studio. Image courtesy of Tina Chee Landscape Studio.

With summertime come internships, those short stints of employment when students get the chance to enrich their academic experience with the practicalities of the real world. Continue reading Sudden Impact

Maintenance Matters

Ensuring project integrity over the long term takes tact and tenacity.

By Wendy Gilmartin

Keith Murphy and Erin Webb collaborating at 3North in Richmond, Virginia. Photo courtesy 3North.

After months and possibly years of design development, on-site meetings, contractor discussions, submittal reviews, and long days drafting construction documents, the project is finally unveiled, the ribbon is cut, and handover completes the timeline. Or not? Continue reading Maintenance Matters

The Homeless that Want More than Housing

For the residents of L.A.’s Skid Row, public space is a priority.

By Wendy Gilmartin

Speed bumps and curbs that narrow the street to slow traffic. Safety zones for women and LGBTQ residents. Vegetable gardens with citrus trees. Drinking fountains, storage units, and cell phone charging stations. This isn’t a laundry list of community benefits in your local affluent suburb; it’s a wish list for the nation’s most concentrated homeless community in downtown Los Angeles: Skid Row. Continue reading The Homeless that Want More than Housing