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The final pier has opened. Brooklyn Bridge Park is all but complete.



It was raining, so we crouched, rather than sat, in the grassy bowl that Michael Van Valkenburgh, FASLA, had envisioned as the centerpiece of the newly completed green space and playground on Pier 3, which, like most of the other piers in Brooklyn Bridge Park, sprawls over five acres, into the East River.

“I’m lucky to know what it’s like to imagine and hope for something like this for 20 years and finally see it, have it realized,” said Van Valkenburgh, whose firm drew its first plan for this park in 1999. “Look at that sky.” (more…)

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Two very different, but very Berlin urban parks are featured in the new issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine. The former Templehof airport is now a beloved and highly desirable 900-acre open space. With multiple factions and agendas competing to decide its future,  GROSS.MAX landscape architects have some interesting moves to make.  Nearby, Park am Gleisdreieck, designed by Atelier Loidl, makes places to play while incorporating the  scars from World War II.  Back in Brooklyn, the Olmsted and Vaux-designed and Moses-altered  Prospect Park welcomes a new skate rink, Lakeside. The elegant design brings together the old and new, including a new structure by Williams/Tsien.  “I haven’t done extensive research on this,” says Prospect Park’s Christian Zimmerman, FASLA, “but I can’t think of another project in the country that implements such a massive, modern-designed structure, and does historic preservation, and does ecological restoration all in one in a landmark park.”

In the departments, Kevan Williams looks at  products for making barriers that serve as habitat along fragile coasts; Workstation offers a survey of how (and why) landscape architects might use 3-D printers,  and Climate looks at new strategies for coastal restoration around the San Francisco Bay. All this plus our regular features in Species, Books, Goods, and Now. You can read the full table of contents for March or pick up a  digital issue of the March  LAM here.

As always, you can buy this issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine at more than 200 bookstores, including many university stores and independents, as well as at Barnes and Noble. You can also purchase single digital issues for only $5.25 at Zinio. Annual subscriptions for LAM are a thrifty $59 for print and $44.25 for digital. Our subscription page has more information on subscription options.

Keep an eye on the LAM blog, Facebook page,  and Twitter feed (@landarchmag), as we’ll be ungating some of the articles from  the  March issue as the month rolls out.

Credits: Lakeside/Prospect Park aerial,  Michael Moran/Otto;  Shadeworks, Matt Annabel, Associate ASLA; 3-D terrain model, Peter Summerlin, Associate ASLA; Gleisdreieck,  Atelier Loidl; Templehof master plan, Templehofer Freiheit; ReefBLK, Coastal Environments, Inc.; Cool pavements research, Lawrence Berkeley National  Laboratory/Roy Kaltschmidt; San Francisco Bay beach, Peter Baye.

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