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Ensuring project integrity over the long term takes tact and tenacity.


After months and possibly years of design development, on-site meetings, contractor discussions, submittal reviews, and long days drafting construction documents, the project is finally unveiled, the ribbon is cut, and handover completes the timeline. Or not? The time after a turnover can become its own stand-alone phase after all else is completed. How do firms ensure plants will be cared for, gutters cleaned, controls checked at the appropriate times, and that there are enough (or any) return visits accounted for in the fee? Three firms in different regions explain their approaches to maintenance and client relationships. Interviews have been edited and condensed. (more…)

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Every two years, LAM conducts an online survey of our readers to find out how well you think we are serving the profession. We want to know the topics that are important to you in your work and also get your take on our coverage in recent months—what you think we cover too much, not enough, or just right. The survey also asks what you think will be important topics to cover over the next few years.

While we’re at it, we also try to learn more about our audience—your demographics, practice specialties, work environment, and reading habits, among other factors.

The survey is somewhat detailed, but takes only a few minutes to complete. Please click here or on the button on the upper right of this page to begin. We value this feedback greatly in staying abreast of this dynamic field—after all, LAM is your magazine, and we’re pleased only if you are. Thanks for your help!

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IMG_7846 In a profession as diverse as landscape architecture, it can be hard to get a sense of how the profession is performing as a whole. So each quarter, ASLA sends out its Business Quarterly Survey to a wide variety of firm types to get a snapshot of the profession’s health. The survey helps measure activity in firms’ billable hours, inquiries for new work, and hiring.

For the second quarter of this year, about 86 percent of firms reported stable to significantly higher billable hours over the previous quarter, which is slightly better than reported for the same quarter of 2014. About 84 percent said inquiries for new work were stable to significantly higher in quarter two. Slightly fewer than half (48 percent) said they plan to hire in the coming quarter; during the first quarter, the figure was 62 percent.

The survey also asked firms about their recruiting approaches and the use of social media. Although nearly 42 percent of respondents said they use social media in recruiting, only 16 percent said they think a potential job candidate should have strong social media skills.

For the full news release and highlights from the 2015 second quarter BQS, visit ASLA’s website here.

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