On Design

Landscape Architecture Magazine covers the wide range of design by landscape architects written by award-winning journalists.

More than parks, landscape architecture is woven into cities, neighborhoods, and rural places in projects large and small. Below is a sample of some of the best feature articles on design that have appeared recently.


  • “Ten Times Better,” by Aaron King.  At Quarry House, TEN x TEN uses Minnesota stone and lissome birch to sculpt a residential garden in three dimensions.
  • “The Long Game,” by Jared Brey.  Landscape architects are working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and building new networks through the Engineering With Nature program. The implications could be transformative for both.
  • “Explorers at Home,” by Bradford McKee / Photography by Sahar Coston-Hardy.  Plant-hunting is always in season at the Leach Botanical Garden in Portland, Oregon, the storybook base of the botanist Lilla Leach, where Land Morphology has begun a next-century upgrade to the grounds.
  • “Pocket Ecologies,” by Karolina Hac. Offshoots, Inc., designs a place for people, bikes, and plants in Boston’s Charlestown neighborhood.

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