Covering issues in practice for designers and creative professionals is central to LAM‘s mission.

Below are a few recent features on business management, diversity, technology, and work/life balance tackling the practical, everyday issues of running a successful business, for design firms of every size.

  • “Work in Progress,” by Bradford McKee. The standard model of design-office practice in landscape architecture—killer hours, ho-hum salaries, and often little say among staff—has long assumed the profession is competing with itself for talent. That’s no longer the case.
  • “Start Your Engines,” by Kevan Klosterwill.  What does it really take to launch your own design firm?
  • “Brand New,” by Wendy Gilmartin. Necessary lessons in rebranding your business.
  • “Live and Learn,” by Mimi Zeiger.  Algorithms are bringing new kinds of evidence and predictive powers to the shaping of landscapes.
  • “What’s Next?” Landscape architects answer the call to define our post-pandemic future.
  • “Small Firm, Big Leap,” by Aiden Ackerman, ASLA. The pros and cons of adopting BIM have oversized impacts on smaller firms.
  • “On the Safe Side,” by Leslie Wren, ASLA. Ample training and collaboration can protect landscape workers from risk.
  • i, Designer?” by Philip Fernberg, Associate ASLA, and Brent Chamberlain.  Advancements in artificial intelligence creativity should make us rethink the future of landscape architecture practice.

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