Covering issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social and environmental justice in design firms and public spaces in every community.

  • “Stand Up and Stand Out,” by Anjulie Rao. Pascale Sablan’s Beyond the Built Environment is inspiring everyone to lift while they climb.
  • “The Schoolyard is Sick,” by Jane Margolies. Claire Latané believes that designing schoolyards to support the mental health of students is key to their happiness and well-being.
  • “The Big Time, The Bigger Time,” Gina Ford, FASLA; Cinda Gililand, ASLA; Rebecca Leonard, ASLA; and Jamie Maslyn Larson, FASLA.  A conversation among the women behind the Women’s Landscape Equality (re)Solution.
  • “Home Away From No Home,” by Jonathan Lerner. Landscape architects can’t solve homelessness with just design. As Brice Maryman, ASLA, is finding, they have to grasp the phenomenon—and are only beginning.
  • “On-Ramps, On Time,” by Timothy Schuler. Landscape architects can do more than talk about diversity—they can act.
  • “The Twin Pandemics,” Black people and Black communities bear the outsized impacts of public violence and, now, the deadly coronavirus. Six Black landscape architects and an architect parse the spatial factors that underlie each crisis—often both crises—and the kinds of actions and reforms they hope to see.
  • “Paths Forward,” by Katherine Logan. As Canada comes to terms with a brutal colonial legacy, two landscape architect-led plans light the way toward reconciliation.

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